Animal Bite Accidents

Animal bites can prove costly- call us

An agressive dog barking and baring it's teeth

Animal bite attorney

Have you, your pet or loved one been bit by a dangerous dog? Don't delay, contact the offices of Owen Law Firm. Call us today.

You have legal rights; we'll make sure they're honored.

If you're one of the 4.7 million Americans who've been bit by a dog this year, you already know it's no joke. Not only are dog bites painful and frightening but they can also be life threatening. Anyone bit by a dog should always have, at minimum, a blood test to insure that no contagious disease has been contracted.

Medical treatment is an expense you should not have to incur in addition to the ordeal of a dog bite. Most states hold dog owners accountable if their pet attacks. This means that you are entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as any trauma experienced as a result of the attack.

At Owen Law Firm, we specialize in dog bite cases and are top-notch at getting our clients the justice and compensation they deserve.

Most states have a statute of limitations on dog bite cases. In other words; there are time limits in which you can file a personal injury claim against the owner of the offending animal.
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